Entrepreneur, Investor and Radio Show Host

Here are the 4 Obsessions That Keep Me Busy…

(1) Asia Tech Podcast: A Week in Shanghai

I travel around Asia for my radio show Asia Tech Podcast. My goal is to discover what makes a great tech startup ecosystem. I talk to local tech startups, angel investors, co-working spaces, event owners and government agencies. Here I’m enjoying a rare hour of downtime with a view here in Shanghai. Asia Tech Podcast is Asia’s fastest growing podcast with guests from brands like Financial Times and Coca-Cola.

(2) Lazy Money Machine: Passive Income Through Property Investment

With my business partner Erik ten Have, we’re growing a tribe of likeminded people who seek financial freedom through property investment. Erik and I are real estate property investors who want to both create some extra time and choice in our lives. We believe that financial freedom is choice – enough passive income to be able to do what you want, when you want and with who you want.

(3) Ironman Triathlon

I’m a 1 x full Ironman and 3 x Half Ironman finisher. I’ve also competed in the ITU World Triathlon in Yokohama 2017. Triathlon and cycling are my passions.

Currently, I’m in transition (not in triathlon terms but between countries), so I don’t have any future races planned (yet), but I’d love to take on an Asian Ironman race in 2018. Watch this space. If you’re new to Ironman Tri or don’t “get it”, click the link below…

(4) World Travel and Location Independent Living

In 2012, we sold up and traveled the world. For 5 years we lived everywhere from tropical islands to beachside paradises. We spent time in New Zealand, Fiji, Hawaii, California, Florida, Cyprus, Andalusia Spain, Fuerteventura, Okinawa out in the East China Sea and beautiful Kanagawa Japan (by the beach between Mount Fuji and Tokyo). We also lived 18 months in Lanzarote – a remote volcanic island off the west coast of Africa so I could fulfil my lifelong dream of completing the Ironman triathlon. Currently living in Japan, moving to mainland Asia.