Investor, Radio Host and Entrepreneur



  • Investor in real estate, telecoms and small business
  • 15 years as startup entrepreneur in telecoms
  • 3 years “mini-retirement” traveling world with family
  • Businesses in UK, Hong Kong and Japan
  • Based in Tokyo, Japan
  • Ironman triathlon finisher
  • Published author
  • Radio show host
graham d brown

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About Me

I am an investor, advisor, radio show host and entrepreneur.

I’ve been helping and advising tech entrepreneurs in the mobile telecoms and brand marketing space since the late 1990s. In that time, I’ve traveled to over 40 countries on business. Business is an adventure, join me on the journey.

Active investments include real estate, mobile telecoms, endurance sports retail, online gaming and a craft brewery.

I’m currently focused on Asian based projects, particularly working with entrepreneurs looking to expand into new markets.

Current Projects


UpVentures is a boutique M&A, investment advisory for telecoms startups based in Hong Kong.

We are a team of experienced entrepreneurs based in the US, Europe and Asia. Our backgrounds in investment banking, telco, retail, VAS and SaaS help us help startups scale their businesses. We grow startups through advice, partnership and access to investment resources.


Founder FM

Founder FM is a radio show for entrepreneurs and investors.

I regularly interview interesting and inspiring entrepreneurs about their startup journey. Entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes, not just the classic Stanford computer science graduate we’re so accustomed to in the media. I’m interested in the stories of the outsiders, entrepreneurs who overcame significant challenges and these are the stories I share on Founder FM.




Up.School is an Online School for Startup Entrepreneurs.

Get help growing your business with a community of likeminded entrepreneurs. My goal is to create a platform to help entrepreneurs grow their business from idea to sales with the help of expert advice, knowledge share and connections. Currently, we’re doing this through Online E-Courses for Entrepreneurs, Startup Webinars and my Entrepreneur Mastermind.

>> Up.School

Founder Cafe

Founder Cafe is a network of entrepreneur meetups across Asia

We hold regular monthly events in informal settins to help entrepreneurs launch and grow their businesses. Our goal is to grow a community of entrepreneurs who want to help and support each other, both teaching and learning in the process. Founder Cafe is currently in Tokyo, Osaka and Hong Kong.

>> Founder Cafe

A Little Backstory

Location Independent Entrepreneur

Following a business exit, we traveled the world for 3 years non-stop between 2012 and 2015.

It was our family adventure.

We traveled through New Zealand, Japan, Fiji, Hawaii, California, Florida, Cyprus, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote and Okinawa.

It was also a mini-retirement. I exited a telecoms business of 12 years and traveled on my investment income. It was a bit of head space for me to explore my writing and show my son the world. Sure, people thought we were crazy but then (as Helen Keller once said), life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all.

We lived extended periods on the sub tropical islands of Lanzarote (Spain) and Okinawa (Japan). We loved island life. Lanzarote was a great place for outdoor living and provided a base for me to train for and complete the Ironman triathlon (see pics below). The Lanzarote Ironman is listed by as “one of the 10 toughest endurance races in the world.”

The thing about this lifestyle is …the highs are higher and the lows lower. So, after 3 years of living out of suitcases we decided to settle down. We now live outside of Tokyo.

Some Pics…

my Location Independent Business
Work from anywhere in the world. Pic: The Bay of Plenty, New Zealand
Yes, Fiji has some magical sunsets
Yes, Fiji has some magical sunsets
Footsteps in the Fuerteventura sands
Footsteps in the Fuerteventura sands
Laguna Beach, OC, California
Laguna Beach, OC, California
living on the volcano called Lanzarote
living on the volcano called Lanzarote
Sea, sand and sun: Just keeping things simple
Sea, sand and sun: Just keeping things simple. Pic: Famara, Lanzarote
heading out for a 5 or 6 hour cycle ride at sunrise, such was my weekends in Lanzarote
heading out for a 5 or 6 hour cycle ride at sunrise, such was my weekends in Lanzarote
This office is as good as any
Yep… this is how I’d like to redefine success
ironman swim start
7am at the Ironman swim start Lanzarote 2014
I'm whacked at this stage, 8 hours into the race with a marathon left to run
I’m whacked at this stage, 8 hours into the race with still a marathon left to run
Me at the Ironman finish line
Me at the Ironman finish line Ironman Lanzarote. 12 hours 25 mins
Exploring Okinawa, Japan
Exploring Okinawa, Japan
chilling island life ain't bad okinawa
Okinawa – the views ain’t bad either :)
okinawa beach time is a good time to read
okinawa beach time is a good time to read

haisai - location independent living in Okinawa