A brand is a story always being told

A brand is a story always being told - Scott Bedbury (Nike, Starbucks)

A brand is a story always being told – Scott Bedbury (Nike, Starbucks).

Brands are told in many ways today. Not just on TV or in ad campaigns. But in conversations between neighbors, over Twitter and right here on social media. There are many stories in the mix. The official story isn’t the only story in town. We must learn to listen rather than speak, converse rather than broadcast and curate rather than control.

Inside Out Radio 1 – Brand Marketing and Customer Engagement


Every week we get together to download our ideas and experiences. For 20 years these guys have been in the tech, mobile and brand marketing space. They have a lot of experience – what works, what doesn’t work. But, as is typical of people who excel in these fields, they are often too busy doing the marketing to stop and call it a name. That’s where the radio comes in – to distill some of these unique insights. And we’re now recording and sharing these with you – see what you think.

Who Else Is Lying To Us About The Big Idea, Mad Men and the Pepsi Generation?

pepsi generation

We’re all trying to be more social but mentally are we still stuck in 1989?

In this article I discuss how, despite access to powerful social media tools, the marketing industry is still a victim of its own success. Marketing today is built on 50 years of habits. Marketing is built on model of marketing and advertising that not only worked but was also instrumental in defining brands for generations. Moving forward means understanding what works and what is simply nostalgia. We need to move on. While we as an industry continue to fawn over the Mad Men era, and winning awards, the customer has already left us behind. The good news is that some brands “get it” and I’ll share with you who they are and what they’re doing right.

6 Reasons Marketers Need Fans on Their Team

By: Roberto Hoyos

Did you know Fans are 100x more influential that the average customer? Leading brands in the Connection Economy – brands like GoPro, Monster, South West Airlines, Apple and Lego – are successful because they are very clear about how to use these highly influential Fans in their social mix. In this article I share 6 insights into the benefits of Fans and offer steps for how you can use Fans in your marketing strategy too.

Does your brand have Fans or just “fans”?


WHAT LIES BEHIND EVERY SUCCESSFUL BRAND? Behind successful brands like Apple, Lego, Monster Energy Drinks, South West Airlines and Zappos is a market of activated, vocal, influential Fans. I say Fans with the Capital “F” because I wanted to distinguish between Fans and “fans”. “fans” are the people who like your brand on the Facebook page. […]

Customer Service is Your Best Marketing Strategy

By: Pinky Li

We often think of customer service as a cost center – part of the business that needs to be outsourced and run cheaply. But what if customer service was a powerful tool to create Brand Experience?

Brand Happens: How to Create the Modern Brand Experience

conversation with our customers

THAT ‘CONVERSATION’ WITH OUT CUSTOMERS MYTH Let’s have a conversation with our customers. We hear it all the time. Brand managers hire in social media and creative agencies to “create a conversation”. They are led to believe that this conversation is the key to social media and, ultimately, brand success. But, what these brand managers […]

The End of the Big Idea: Why Most Creative Agencies will Perish

By: Dan DeLuca

If you want to find the best marketers, look at the guys who cut their teeth on selling soda. Why? Because how else do you sell sugary carbonated water? The only thing that differentiates your product from the next guy is not the product itself but how you market your product.

If you want to understand the future of marketing, look at soda. Here you’ll discover cutting-edge marketing models blazing trails for the rest of us to follow. You’ll also find well established brands being picked apart by challenger one customer at a time. Soda has it all.

Fans don’t love brands, they love what brands do for them

By: John Christian Fjellestad

Apple, Red Bull, Lego, Justin Bieber… how can you create a brand that has this kind of emotional appeal? The answer doesn’t lie in your products or your ad campaigns but in understanding how you create a social, emotional connection. You have to mean something in their lives. It’s brands that keep this understanding at the core of their daily practice that grow long term. And it’s the brands that forget, get lazy, cut corners that fail.

5 ideas you should steal from Lego’s marketing

By: Konnor

THE TURN AROUND You can also download a shareable PDF version CLICK HERE Lego has is a classic brand turnaround case study. From once being a misguided and out of date European brand, Lego is now the world’s biggest toy manufacturer. Look around and you’ll see signs of success: tapping into fan bases with the Lego […]