About That Kissing Video: You can’t fake Customer Experience anymore

In Short

First, a video of strangers kissing took the internet by storm, only it turned out to be an advertisement starring models and actors. Then a filmmaker recreated it with everyday people, and the results were kind of creepy.

The Backstory

Last week, the Internet completed a full outrage cycle over the release of Tatia Pilieva’s “First Kiss,” a short video that convened 20 strangers to lock lips for the first time on camera. First came the gushing over the video’s ability to spin passionate romantic connections out of thin air. Then came resentment over the revelation that it had been stacked with actors and models and filmed in service of a fashion line. The New York Times Style section apologia, the Jimmy Fallon doggy parody, and the inevitable fart version weren’t far behind.

Now, filmmaker Hye Yun Park has arrived to valiantly test the video’s original premise, revealing what it really looks like when nonprofessional strangers put their mouths on one another’s mouths. The Wifey.tv video features 28 New York City residents with less combined acting and modeling experience, no fashion label tie-in, and “more color, dust, dirt, curves, spark and queer juice.” The result is super awkward, thoroughly unromantic, and in some cases, a little creepy! It’s also more honest.


Watch the Video (the real people version, not actors)

You can’t fake customer experience anymore.

No more buying trust or attention with paid media.


Paid Media Earned Media
Model Top-Down Model, One-to-One or One-to-Many Bottom-Up Model, Many-to-Many
Strategy Above the line, Below the line, buy media space, celebrity endorsement, brand ambassadors, create ‘buzz’ Help Fans tell their story, word of mouth
Tactics Campaigns, Big Ideas Grass roots movements, Co-creation with Fans
Role of the Brand Hero/star of the brand narrative. Brand uses resources to buy media space, promote the narrative Customer is hero/star of the narrative. Brand uses resources to create tools and platforms for the customer to share this narrative.
Measurement Awareness, brand equity, share of mind, top of mind, ‘buzz’, recall, impressions, eyeballs Recommendation, Earned Media Indexes, NPS

You have to earn it, the hard way.

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