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  • Do you understand why your customers or clients make purchases?
  • Do you understand why they share with friends and become loyal to a brand?

Your knowledge of your target markets’ buying psychology is just as important as your marketing plan. It should be the foundation of your plan and considered early in the developmental stages of your product.

I have over 10 years of experience consulting and educating some of the largest brands around such as Vodafone, Nokia, and Monster Energy; assisting them with marketing, product development, and staying on the edge of innovation.

Through Digital Anthropology, I help my clients understand the social behavior of their target market to increase bottom line profits and success.

Peer Feedback

“When introduced to some mobile biz dev expert or fanciful global brand director, the first filter I apply is: “oh, you must know my mate Graham?” There is no excuse to not know him, particularly as he has long shared his insights, stories, pictures, and deep knowledge with one and all.”

Edward O’Meara – Global Marketing Director, GSM Association

“He’s surely one of the most knowledgeable people that truly get the youth mindset, having worked in the youth space for over a decade”

Marc Kornberger, CEO Student Village

“You connect the dots all over the world and share it with others.”

John Waraniak, VP Technology SEMA

Very Short Bio

  • Industry Analyst, Business Author and Public Speaker
  • Themes: social business, marketing, youth culture, social psychology, consumer behavior, digital anthropology

Publications on Amazon:

  • The Mobile Youth: Voices of the Mobile Generation
  • The Youth Marketing Handbook
  • Youth Marketing 101
  • Fans: from Liked to Loved
  • All is Social: Social Thinking and the End of the Big Idea

Media Bio

Author and Digital Anthropologist.

Since witnessing the growth of youth media and technology having lived in Japan in the early 90s, Graham helped grow the world’s leading youth mobile consultancy to serve over 250 clients in 60 countries worldwide – names such as Vodafone, Nokia, Coke, McDonald’s, Telenor, Orange, O2, Verizon, Boost Mobile, the UK government and the European Commission.

Graham is a regular public speaker and has presented at the 3GSM World Congress, Barcelona and been interviewed on CNN, CNBC, BBC TV and Radio. His work has also featured in the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and the Guardian. He’s a regular guest on the Youth Marketing Show and The Mobile Youth show on Blog Talk Radio. He has published 6 books on Amazon including his latest bestseller “The Mobile Youth: Voices of the Mobile Generation“.

Graham is also a judge on the Mobile Marketing Association’s Award Panel, co-founder and teacher on the Youth Marketing Academy, advisory board member to UNICEF on their mobile media strategies and an advisor to the Global Youth Marketing Forum in India.


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