Brand Experience Infographic

grahamdbrown brand experience infographic

The best way to understand Brand Experience is to visualize it. So here goes, my attempt at Brand Experience in an easy to understand form for you. I included data and a case study comparison of McDonald’s and Starbucks to explain Old vs New / Branding vs Brand Experience.

11 Marketing Experts on why Brands Should be Loved not Liked

brand love

If customers like you be afraid, be very afraid. If customers just “like” you, you might as well be invisible. In 2015 marketing strategy is Love not Likes.

I’m writing a new book with a bunch of marketing friends from the industry about Brand Love. As a prelude to the book launch, I straw-polled marketers I respect on the subject. Given their background working for category-busting brands like Monster, Red Bull, Converse, MTV etc… I wanted to know what they thought about the liked vs loved debate.

I asked. This is what they said…

Will Your Brand Be Liked or Loved This Valentines?

A happy couple in love with painted smiley and hugging

Is your brand like or loved by customers? What’s the difference? Which of these do you need to create a strong emotional engagement between the customer and the brand? We live in an era where everyone wants to be liked. Being liked is easy. You can buy 1000 likes on Facebook for just $5. What really counts, however, is Brand Love and here’s how the best brands nurture it. (Featured brands this week include Airbnb, Apple and Starbucks)

Top 10 Brand Experience Resources February 12, 2015

How to Engage Customers

Top 10 Resources: Xiaomi smartphone, TV sales are amazing because of these facts | BGR Upstart Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has had an incredible rise over the past couple of years and is giving Samsung all kinds of headaches thanks to its ability to mass produce and ship incredibly cheap hardware at an astonishing pace. […]

Superbowl Ads: Engaging Content or Just Eye Candy?

Super Bowl ads

With the millions spent on advertising this year at the Super Bowl will it pay off? Is Super Bowl advertising actually engaging content or just expensive eye candy? In this video, I look at some of the facts about advertising and why brands like Apple and Starbucks choose to stay away (and grow some of the most successful global brands in the process by focusing on Brand Experience not Branding.)

What is Brand Leadership in 2015? (Presentation)

brand leadership presentation

It takes having a pair and a clear vision of what works and what doesn’t work to understand the future of brand in 2015. That’s why I compiled this list of inspiring quotes and insights from today’s brand leaders. Discover the future of marketing according to Jeff Bezos, Seth Godin, Tony Hsieh, Steve Jobs and Howard Schultz amongst other leaders in this new presentation: