How to Make a Marketing Plan for a New Product

how to make a Marketing Plan for a New Product

Your marketing plan must start with the experience first, product second. What is the experience customers want from the product? How will they share that experience with friends? How does Starbucks do it? In this interview, CEO Howard Schultz reveals how Starbucks approaches new product launch.

How to Build a Brand

coke bottle brand

When you walk into the store and are wowed by an Apple Genius employee, you share that experience on Facebook.

When you’re hanging out at Red Bull X-Fighters with your buddies, you take a selfie on Instagram, Vine or Snapchat and share it with friends.

When British Airways loses your luggage, you go to Twitter and share your rant with the world.

80% of Millennials shared brand stories just like these with friends and family.

These Shared Experiences in the Connection Economy are changing everything because they are demonstrating you can build a brand in 2015 without advertising.

In this article I look at the shift from traditional Branding to the the creation of Brand Experience in the 21st century and provide 5 examples of brands who are doing just that. Read on to learn how to build a brand without advertising…

McDonalds: Don’t Change Your Menu, Change THIS…


Let’s look at why McDonalds has the ability to bounce back: McDonalds is a globally recognized brand, perhaps one of the most globally known McDonalds is so efficient it can run a billion dollar global operation entirely with teenagers McDonalds has fans… whether we marketers like it or not, millions of people are still going to Golden Arches every day so it has something that others aren’t providing.

…By contrast, here’s the McDonalds experience: demotivated, low-paid staff that aren’t interested in knowing your name, working in an environment where the “customer is always right” plastic, immovable furniture that is easy to clean but not conducive to hanging out clowns and hamburglars – perhaps there is some psychological research somewhere saying kids actually like this stuff but I’m not so sure.

Starbucks Marketing Strategy: This is NOT The Starbucks Brand

The Starbucks Brand

In this article we look at the Starbucks marketing strategy. By focusing on Brand Experience rather than Branding, and People, Culture and Metrics rather than Logos, Campaigns and Advertising, Starbucks is building a profitable brand. So successful has Starbucks been in its approach of turning its back on traditional marketing and advertising, that marketers are starting to question everything they know about brand and marketing.

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Howard Schultz Quote: People are the Equity of the Brand

howard schultz quote - people are the equity of the brand

From the very beginning we started out not as a franchise system, but as a company-owned system. We recognized early on that that if we were going to be a company-owned system that the cultural values and guiding principles, mainly our people, are going to be the equity of the brand