Starbucks Marketing Strategy: The 6 Ways Starbucks Kills it on Social Media

starbucks social media brand experience presentation

Did you know Starbucks gets more tags on social media sites like Instagram than McDonalds, Apple and Coke COMBINED? No kidding. 19 million tags on Instagram – that’s a lot of people sharing the Starbucks experience without the need for advertising. In this latest presentation available to Brand Experience Academy members we’ll learn about the Starbucks marketing strategy.

Brand Experience: The Marketing Secret Behind LEGO, Starbucks and Xiaomi


Understand that Marketing is All About Feeling “People will forget what you said, but they’ll always remember how you made them feel” – Maya Angelou. Emotion is our prime driver. People buy on emotion and justify with logic. In a series of experiments led by Matthew Hertenstein, a psychologist at DePauw University in Indiana, volunteers […]

How to Fix the McDonalds Marketing Strategy

mcdonalds marketing strategy

McDonald’s is suffering. McDonald’s has an identify crisis. Fixing the McDonalds Marketing Strategy is going to require more than a brand makeover, new logo or some funky, fresh ad campaign. It’s not going to happen with marketing gimmicks either.

Brand Experience Infographic

grahamdbrown brand experience infographic

The best way to understand Brand Experience is to visualize it. So here goes, my attempt at Brand Experience in an easy to understand form for you. I included data and a case study comparison of McDonald’s and Starbucks to explain Old vs New / Branding vs Brand Experience.

11 Marketing Experts on why Brands Should be Loved not Liked

brand love

If customers like you be afraid, be very afraid. If customers just “like” you, you might as well be invisible. In 2015 marketing strategy is Love not Likes.

I’m writing a new book with a bunch of marketing friends from the industry about Brand Love. As a prelude to the book launch, I straw-polled marketers I respect on the subject. Given their background working for category-busting brands like Monster, Red Bull, Converse, MTV etc… I wanted to know what they thought about the liked vs loved debate.

I asked. This is what they said…

Top 10 Brand Experience Resources February 23, 2015

Top 10 Resources: Apple Must 'Think Different' On Cars, Or Join Ranks Of Failed New Brands : NPR Is Apple about to change our lives again? The company’s stock has been on the rise this week, partly because of a rumor that Apple wants launch a line of cars, and do it by 2020. Seth's […]