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Brand Love: How to Build a Brand Worth Talking About

If customers LIKE your brand, be afraid. Be very afraid
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In a world where the average customer grows up seeing 170,000 marketing messages by her 17th birthday; where 86% of people admit to sharing social media content in the bathroom; where less than 1% of young people trust advertising; customers only talk about the brands they LOVE. And, if customers aren’t talking about your brand, you might as well not exist.

What is Brand Love?

  • There are 18,000,000 photos on Instagram tagged #starbucks. Not one is paid for by Starbucks.
  • When Chinese mobile brand Xiaomi launched their new tablet, stock sold out in 2.7 seconds
  • Monster Energy drinks has become the most successful energy drinks brand in the US, without a single dollar spent on advertising
  • LEGO continues to defy critics and analyst expectations selling billions of dollars of analog toys in the digital age.

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Step into the World of Youth Mobile Culture

A must for all digital anthropologists and fans of tech culture

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1 billion youth worldwide now own a mobile phone. Every single one of them has a story to tell. Author Graham Brown tracks down the voices of this disconnected generation from the slums of Rio’s favelas to Amish kids in Lancaster County using cell phones to secretly access Facebook away from the prying eyes of their parents. Each chapter is a story of innovation, hope and change combining the approaches of digital anthropology, social psychology and technology marketing. “Mobile Youth: Voices of the Mobile Generation” is written for marketers, technologists and futurists alike interested in how today’s cell phone empowered generation will change technology, media and even government.

Themes: mobile culture, technology, marketing, digital anthropology, millennials, generation y, generation z, mobile anthropology, innovation

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Learn How Successful Brands Tell Stories in the Social Era

Customers Don’t Wake Up Thinking About Brands Anymore

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Brand Democracy is a bottom-up approach to marketing practiced by brands like GoPro, Zappos, Instagram, Lego and Monster Energy Drinks. Where brand management focuses on top-down brand positioning, Brand Democracy seeks to create the brand through customer conversations and interactions. Rather than managing the brand, the company curates this peer-to-peer communication by giving customers tools and a platform to share their individual stories.

This short guide will show you how to get customers to pay attention to your marketing messages by making them part of the story. You’ll also learn how storytelling remains a powerful tool in creating value and how to use it effectively in the social era.

Air New Zealand, Apple, BBDO, Burger King NZ, Coke, DeBeers, Facebook, Federal Credit Union, Goldman Sachs, GoPro, Harry Potter, IBM, Instagram, JP Morgan, KFC Philippines, Kodak, Lego, Mastercard, Max India, Microsoft, Minecraft, Monster Energy, MTV, Nokia, Pepsi, South West Airlines, Starbucks, Star Trek, USDA Forest & Parks Service, Youtube, Zappos.

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Learn The Art of Telling Your Own Story

Do you want to wow them on stage, impress them in the boardroom or engage them at your next team meeting?

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You spent hours crafting your presentation, you get up on stage and give it everything only for the audience to return polite applause. You did okay, but you didn’t wow them LIKE A PRO! Simply trying hard, isn’t enough when it comes to public speaking. If it was, we’d all be Steve Jobs or Seth Godin.

Public speaking is an art-form and that means you can learn from the best. By studying the habits of leading public speakers you, too, can become more like them. And that’s what the best speakers do, learn from each other. That’s why, after nearly 15 years of public speaking around the world, I analyzed and condensed their success habits into this book so we can all learn from the world’s best.

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Reader Reviews

“If you’re happy to continue paying for sex that leaves your brand empty on the inside, crying itself to sleep at night, don’t bother reading this book. However, if you want to build a brand with soul then buy this book before advertising agencies find a way to silence them forever” (Jamal Benmiloud VP Marketing, Monster Energy Drinks)

“Graham Brown paints a remarkable series of stories that gets the reader right into the minds of young people.” (Marc Kornberger, CEO Student Village)

“This book offers instant texture to anyone confused by THE core technology driver: MobileYouth.”

(Edward O’Meara, SVP Wunderman Network and Global Marketing Director GSMA)

“We had amazing success based on your Youth Marketing Handbook, so much so that it showed the ineffective results from a large agency approach”

(Paul O’Shannessey, CEO & Founder Skinny Mobile)

“Anyone needing to market their product to a young demographic has simply got to check out this book” (Nick H. Amazon)

“Brown gets to the prime motivators: he is focused on the why, and what mobile use means to young people around the world. He generally looks at this adoption as beneficial and, frankly, inevitable despite earlier generations’ concern about such technological progress polluting our youths’ minds.” (Amazon Review)

“Readers will feel like they are in the midst of the very gangs, high rises, and religious fanaticism that these youth live amongst, and you will be amazed at how these teenagers use mobile phones in creative, ingenious ways.” (Rachel Aderholdt, Amazon)

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