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If customers LIKE your brand, be afraid. Be very afraid

In a world where the average customer grows up seeing 170,000 marketing messages by her 17th birthday; where 86% of people admit to sharing social media content in the bathroom; where less than 1% of young people trust advertising; customers only talk about the brands they LOVE. And, if customers aren’t talking about your brand, you might as well not exist.

What is Brand Love?

  • There are 18,000,000 photos on Instagram tagged #starbucks. Not one is paid for by Starbucks.
  • When Chinese mobile brand Xiaomi launched their new tablet, stock sold out in 2.7 seconds
  • Monster Energy drinks has become the most successful energy drinks brand in the US, without a single dollar spent on advertising
  • LEGO continues to defy critics and analyst expectations selling billions of dollars of analog toys in the digital age.

All these stories are made possible by Brand Love.

Fans don’t just “like” these brands, they love them. And the good news is that it’s neither expensive or exclusive to cool cutting-edge brands. Brand Love is as achievable to all brands. Whether you’re an airline or selling energy drinks, Brand Love is a guide to help you build a brand worth talking about.

Written by an ex-telecoms CEO, the head of marketing for one of the world’s fastest growing soda brands and a digital anthropologist, Brand Love is a journey that takes you around the world from the US to China in search of the brands both fans and industry analysts are talking about.

Build Your Brand Through Your People, Culture and Metrics

The Brand Love Model

PEOPLE: We need people who get it. We need people who love interacting. We need to recruit people who share the same passions as the Fans and empathize with their needs rather than people who want to manage and control markets.

CULTURE: We have to create cultures that encourage our people to interact and cultures that encourage Fans to interact with one another. We need to lead by example and show that each and every one of us needs to get out there and create a positive brand experience.

METRICS: We have to use metrics that encourage our conversations to last. We want people to stay and talk. We want people to see relationships as key to growth, not as obstacles to next month’s KPI.

What Questions does this Book Answer?

  • What is Brand Love?
  • Why do some brands have it while others are just “liked”?
  • How can you replicate their success formula?

Brand Love answers these 3 questions through case studies of brands doing it right; brands well-adapted to the digital age; brands that can build billion dollar market caps without significant sums spent on advertising; and brands that defy the expectations of both investors and their category by breaking all the rules.

Check Out These Amazon Reviews for Brand Love

“Read it all in one sitting and was blown away by how easy it is to read.” – Joseph Daniels

“An inspiring look at how brands must behave if they want to succeed in the new world” – Nick Foster

“You can choose to practise marketing that has been studied at university for the past 50 years… or you can choose to practise marketing that will be studied along with this book at universities for the future 50 years. This book is the next best choice you will make.” – John Beasley

“What I really liked was how it explained the rift between vanity metrics and real brand love, the emotional investment of users and the story they relate to and why. It goes over numerous examples of how failed brands focussed on short term branding without any solid connections with loyal followers.” – Tom

“Best marketing book I’ve ever read! I’m working on a start-up company that launches it’s first product next year and will be putting a lot of this thinking into action.” – Paul Simpson

“Brand love is hands down one of the best books on marketing in the new era, where social interaction, building a strong fan base, spreading the love is the new model for any new brand or company that wishes to establish a presence and become profitable.” – Sky Nealon

“The book is very informative, and it’s written in a way that should make everything easy to understand, even for someone like me with no experience dealing with business management.” – Joe Drew

“There are many books out there aimed at marketers but this one shows you the best way to start from day one in building a lasting relationship with people who will be more than just customers of your brand…they will be ambassadors.” – Dana

“Probably the best brand / marketing book i have read. I think it does a successful job of describing the new landscape in which brands operate today. Though that doesn’t mean to say reading this book gives any easy answers. Far from it. Much of the change required is at organisational level – structure, culture, leadership etc. But a fabulous read, one i would highly recommend for anyone in this field of work.” – Mark Read

“I think this book will be of great value to students of/newcomers to the marketing industry. It is probably) even more essential to those who are institutionalised in the ivory towers of adland or board rooms throughout the land…. Here’s hoping they’ll listen.” – Alice Whitney

“I agree with the vast majority of his points and here he and his co-authors present a solid case on how the media landscape has changed and how brands must respond by being more empathetic and by understanding that consumers now control the conversation. It’s backed up with great case studies and is well worth reading, digesting and considering the implications for your brand/s.” – C.Wood

“Thoughtful and pragmatic. Excellent presentation of cutting edge thinking grounded in hands on experience. A great read.” – David Shieff

“Great insights from an experienced team, well worth the read.” – Sean Davis

“This book was really helpful! And no, I do not know the author, nor was I paid to review this. I thought that it was filled with ideas that I was already implementing intuitively. So, I appreciated learning how I could do more in terms of how I relate to clients (which is primarily through my Facebook page–my main source of advertisement.)” – Cindy Adkins

“This book gives a good overview of the shift from old school advertising to new school relationship building in marketing. There are some great case studies featured from brands like Zappos and Southwest Airlines that make it a fun read.” – E.A. Gray

“Brand Love will open your eyes to a new world of marketing and explode some of the myths about social media and brand strategy today.” – Mike Helton

Brands Featured in this Book

Brands mentioned in this book: 7-11, Amazon, Apple, Best Buy, British Airways, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Converse, Cisco, Coke, Delta, Disney, Ford, GoPro, Kodak, LEGO, Mattel, McDonalds, Microsoft, Minecraft, Monster Energy Drinks, Nokia, Pepsi, Pure Digital, Red Bull, Samsung, Shake Shack, Skinny Mobile, Southwest Airlines, Starbucks, Wahoo’s Fish Tacos, Xiaomi, Zappos.

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Also Available in Paperback & Kindle Format!