Take Part

What is the Chiang Mai Mastermind?

  • ACTION – connect to a tribe where action is the default, not the exception
  • FREEDOM – life begins at the end of your comfort zone.
  • ADVENTURE – business is an adventure, join a group of people with whom you can share that adventure
  • GROWTH – surround yourself with people who are passionate about learning, minds who want to share knowledge and help each other group
  • CONNECTION – happiness is only real when shared. Share the experience, share connections and knowledge, share the adventure
  • PASSION – does it make your heart beat faster? be part of something that you want to wake up to every morning, where people feel the same

How to Take Part in the Chiang Mai Mastermind

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Lifestyle Business
– not the best choice
– New York
– top of triangle, health, family
– control, make decisions
– LE – build around lifestyle you want. Not necessarily a small business. Red Bull $50bn
– exclusive
– dream big, act small
– control the content, 10 people
– waste time
– Peter Van Stolk
1) what’s the value? build your dream >> save time >> community
2) who are the partners? wework ‘do what you love’
3) who are the global icons of L.E? >> Hubud Steve Munro,

6 x monthly conferences
* 20 people @ £1000 each = £20,000
* £120k – £40k operating costs = £80k

£5,000 profit per conference
* Lifestyle entrepreneurs (Erik, nomads)
* SEA Startups & investors (Michael)
* Endurance sports (James Mitchell)
* Japanese lifestyle, freelancers
* Cycling tour
Co-living space?

* Lifestyle entrepreneurs
* Put lifestyle at the top of the pyramid

* Do not bring 4 pairs of shoes
* Go barefoot. There’s no dress code for dinner: T-shirts and shorts will do just fine.
* $10,000 experience
* Amazing experience with family
* Be in a category of one
* New category of adventure holidays for entrepreneurs and their families
* Become a story
* Pioneer of entrepreneur holidays
* Proposition
* What am I going to come away with?
* 1 Line
* Why Me?
* True to my values
* Format
* Different format
* Health, wealth, wisdom
* More than speakers & motivators
* Intense
* Experience
* Retreat
* Not only money, but health etc
* Inner creative genius
* Paddle boarding
* Away from the office
* Think about business problems
* Come back with ideas