Contact Me Here

Please take a moment to read the notes below to help save everyone’s time and make your contact request more likely to get a reply. Thanks!

Some Pointers to Help You

  • Generally Linkedin is the fastest way to get hold of me but I’ll read every message that comes from this website too
  • I live in Singapore so please factor that in regarding any requests for calls / travel etc
  • I am 100% focused on Asia which geographically means Asia Pacific.
  • If you are contacting me about being a guest on one of our podcasts please contact via the relevant shows page on the Pitch Media Asia website. If you want to get onto a podcast I also recommend our Pitch a Podcaster website which will connect you with a network of Asian hosts.
  • I rarely have time to do free speaking gigs these days, unless it’s for a specific social cause where my message can help
  • Please don’t ask me to introduce you to angel investors or early stage VCs. I get asked this a lot because of our association with the Pitchdeck Asia podcast. If you are raising funds as an early stage startup, I’d love to help you by getting you on the show and sharing that story. (I don’t do these as “favors” – introduction to capital is a business in itself.)

Who I’d Like to Hear From

  • Fellow Podcasters who want me to guest on their show to promote the story of podcasting or share insights on the latest podcast trends in Asia
  • Corporates who need me to help them tell a story within their organization and reinforce a message related to marketing innovation and digital transformation. You can see some of my earlier speaking gigs here to give you an idea of fit.
  • Startups who need help raising funds. Best way is to go straight to Pitchdeck Asia website and enter the show there.
  • Early stage investors who want to participate in our Pitchdeck Asia AMAs and help educate the Asian startup ecosystem
  • Podcast media house partners across Asia who’d like to plug into our network and spread the podcasting message