ETC 07 – How to Measure Success: Ask Will People Miss You When You’re Gone?

How do you measure success? How do you know if you’re doing the right thing? How do you know if you’re making a difference? The mark of a successful Lifestyle Business is one that makes a difference in people’s lives. But, how do you measure that? There aren’t many readily available metrics for this task. Perhaps the best measure of the difference you’re making is to ask what would happen if you stopped making it

ETC 05 – The Secret to Happiness: Do More of What Makes You Happy

Socrates called happiness “the goal of goals”. Everything we do – building businesses, earning money, helping charities, traveling the world, recording music. Whatever it is, it comes back to happiness. For us and the people around us that count. So, with that in mind, why do we build lifestyles where we are so busy that happiness becomes a bonus rather than our focus? As a Lifestyle Entrepreneur, I’ve tried to step outside the Cubicle and learn how to create a lifestyle that puts happiness at the top of our needs pyramid. Then, and only then, engineer a business that makes that happen. This is what I’ve learned.

ETC 04 – How to Deal With Fear: What Lies Between You and Your Biggest Goal

How to deal with fear. Fear has a lot to answer for. If it wasn’t for our pre-programmed disposition to be fearful, human beings would have been wiped out millions of years ago. But, we still walk with fear today. So, how do you deal with fear? Fear prevents us engaging in behaviors outside the parameters of normal – like starting a business, or living your next adventure.

But, while we know that, we might not appreciate how fear manifests in our lives. It’s never the big scarey demon that we can obviously slay. Fear manifests as comfortable rationalizations that hold us back. Once we recognize and reject these rationalizations (and the people that reinforce them), we can take small steps forward to achieve our dreams.