Wannabe Digital Anthropologists, Ethnographers and Cultural Geeks

I’ve been working in this space since, well, before most of the people I’ve been researching were born. 1996 was my start when I was working out in Tokyo, Japan studying how youth were adopting nascent cell phone technology before there were consumer cell phones.

In over 15 years, I’ve gathered plenty of experience and been core to developing the theoretical frameworks behind the Youth Marketing Academy and mobileYouth. I’ve shared many of my thoughts and experiences in my books which are available to download and/or buy as paperback.

Who’s This For?

I understand that getting your own start in this field isn’t easy. Here are some scenarios that lend themselves well to internship:

  • You’re in marketing but find that something is missing in your day job with the agency.
  • You’re running your own youth marketing agency but need some experienced mentoring.
  • You’re just starting out as a student but you don’t want to waste your talent in a large faceless organization.

If you’re passionate about travel and culture as much as I am you’ll do well to intern with me. Internships are volunteer opportunities that will give you first hand access to the kind of work I do – whether that’s presenting to a client like Monster Energy Drinks or at MTV Headquarters on Broadway.

Open to applicants from any of the 65 countries I visit on a regular basis.


With the writing, business, family and the small matter of 500,000 air miles, you can guess that my time is pretty limited. But that doesn’t mean it’s out of reach, it’s just reserved for those who can make the best use of it. You can intern with me if you meet the following requirements:

  • You are willing to commit to a minimum period of 3 months (part time) or 1 month (full time)
  • You are already publishing your work (blog, slideshare, video etc). If you’re not here already then I suggest you master these skills before you take it to the next level.
  • You are set up with your own skype, wifi connection etc.
  • If you want to succeed in this space you’re going to need a theoretical base to work from that’s why I expect interns to have read at least one of my books as a starting point.

What You Get

Did I tell you this was unpaid? People will always try email me looking for a job. I’m not a recruiter. If you want paid work go contact one of my companies. If, however, you want to build your resume and experience then this is for you. Here’s what past interns have gained from working with me:

  • Hands on experience working in the advisory capacity with global brands like Red Bull, MTV, Coke and Nike
  • An insight into how to run your own business, build your client base and have fun in the process
  • Great advice on how to grow and market your own personal brand beyond the resume
  • I’ll also give you that all important recommendation on Linkedin

Tap Into My Network

“When introduced to some mobile biz dev expert or fanciful global brand director, the first filter I apply is: “oh, you must know my mate Graham?” There is no excuse to not know him, particularly as he has long shared his insights, stories, pictures, and deep knowledge with one and all.”

Edward O’Meara – Global Marketing Director, GSM Association

“He’s surely one of the most knowledgeable people that truly get the youth mindset, having worked in the youth space for over a decade”

Marc Kornberger, CEO Student Village

How to Apply

Don’t send me your resume. Message me through Facebook or Linkedin and if your message is compelling enough and your proposition clear enough then you’ll hear back from me.