Book Review: The 7 Day Startup by Dan Norris

Along with The 4 Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss and The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau, The 7 Day Startup by Dan Norris is one of the 3 key books that defines the business philosophy and strategies of the Lifestyle Entrepreneur movement. The key message from this book is that “You don’t learn until you launch”. All your assumptions about your business will be wrong, so focus less time on asssuming (planning and testing) and more time on shipping (getting your product into the hands of a paying customer).

ironman triathlon graham d brown

In business, sport and life… are you a player or a spectator?

This week I’ve had the privilege of meeting a number of entrepreneurs who recently made, or are in the process of making, the transition from salaried life to starting their own business.

They remind me that the decision to become a player rather than a spectator in the game of life is tough. You face fear, rejection, doubt and ridicule every day. But, ultimately, each of their stories of change is a story of growth and personal transformation. Each is inspiring because stepping outside of your comfort zone is often the hardest decision you’ll ever make.