Graham D Brown Podcasts

“Voice of the Asian Tech Ecosystem”
Podcast host Graham Brown talks to leading storytellers in Asia to share the challenges of digital transformation and marketing innovation.

Increasingly businesses are facing the challenge of moving from being a stack of departments to an ecosystem of partners. Where the stack was bound by payroll and ownership, ecosystems are bound by story. Podcasts are a powerful tool for internal communication and change within tech ecosystems.


pitch deck asia podcast
“Your Story Your Words”
Pitchdeck Asia is a megaphone for the Asian Startup Ecosystem. We give Startups a platform to tell their story. We call this the “longform pitch”.

We believe most startups are “ugly”. Not personal. The best ones don’t ace pitch competitions. In fact, this thesis is supported by many leading investors such as Jason Calacannis and Paul Graham (Y-Combinator) who said “The best ideas are often disguised as bad ideas”.

By giving Founders an opportunity to tell their startup story on their own terms we believe we give investors the best insight into the who & why of the startup.

“Eat it like an Ice Cream”
Podcast hosts Graham Brown and K Bharath discuss the “how to” of launching a successful podcast in Asia. They discuss everything from the business aspects of podcasting to the technical know-how.

With over 500 podcast episodes produced between us, we’ve learned how to podcast through years of trial and error. Whether it’s buying the wrong microphone, building a studio or forgetting to hit RECORD when you sit with a much-anticipated guest, we’ve done the failing for you so you don’t have to repeat those costly mistakes.