The Storytelling Effect: Your Brain on Stories

To understand why Stories are so powerful, let’s first consider how our brain works and The Storytelling Effect.When asked what he would be doing tomorrow, patient N.N. would always reply, “I don’t know.” “N.N” could draw the Statue of Liberty and make a long-distance ... Read More

The World Before Traffic Lights

It was a chaotic, frustrating and dangerous world.Somebody needed to solve the problem.But do you choose a radically new solution or one we are familiar with?Railway engineer JP Knight invented the world’s first “stop go” system installed near Buckingham ... Read More

How Stories Help Us Understand Your Idea

Why do we need to tell stories in business?Why did I need to tell the story about graduating with an AI degree in 1995?I’ve told this story a number of times, and you’ve probably read it somewhere else in my books, at a presentation or on this podcast episode.</... Read More