All Crises Yield Social Change

The American Civil has claimed more American lives than all the other wars put together. Lincoln wasn’t originally an Abolitionist, as many of the Founding Fathers were slave owners themselves. But, when Slavery became leverage over the Confederates, the Civil War became a moral rather than a pol... Read More

There is No Escape Velocity in Leadership

To launch a rocket into space you need to travel at least 11.2 km/s. That’s what scientists call “Escape Velocity”. At 11.1 km/s your rocket will fall back to Earth. If your job as a Leader is to take your people to the Moon, the hardest part won’t be finding the resources, it will be fighting gr... Read More

Crisis Leadership vs Crisis Management

In a series of bizarre experiments conducted by German physiologists in the 1870s, frogs were boiled alive. Heinzman and Fratscher gradually heated frogs from 21C to 37.5C over a period of 90 minutes (0.2C per minute). After 2.5 hours, the frogs were found dead in the water, boiled alive. ... Read More

Data Storytelling: Data -> Story -> Action

Data is the democratisation of decision making within the organization. As a result, data is the decentralisation of leadership. Working with data, therefore, doesn’t come without expectation. You cannot influence and control a valuable commodity without the ability to use it.Your D... Read More

Data Storytelling: Is Your Data "Naked"?

Data Is hindered by a number of cognitive biases:- Naive Realism Bias- Rationalism Look at the latest CDC Data on fundraising for diseases in the US: Figures = $dollars raised ($dollars per death) - Breast cancer raises $250m a year (approx... Read More