History Favors the Better Storyteller

If I asked you who the greatest scientist ever was, you may say Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin or Richard Feynman. Ultimately the answer should be whose search for truth created a better world? But, while the data and research that these scientists worked on was key to their success... Read More

The Story of the Asian Century

The Durian is a misunderstood fruit. Some describe this fruit, which can be larger than a basketball and weighing up to 10kg, as smelling like the contents of a baby’s diaper or vomit. After eating Durian, the late chef Anthony Bourdain said of his breath that it smelled like he h... Read More

Hypercompetition and the New Customer Experience

Everything you learned about competition, except the universal truths you have experienced about people and the stories they tell, has changed.For years, you grew up believing in the Japanese and German automotive brand hegemony of Toyota, BMW and Mercedes, but within the blink of a... Read More

Change Means Taking the Path of Most Resistance

The final Scene in the Leader's Journey is Change, the goal you set out to achieve.In the beginning, I said your journey wouldn't be measured by effort, it would be measured by change. And here you are.You have faced many Challenges. You have faced Rejection, D... Read More