🎧 Podcasting for Brands

Starting a Corporate Podcast

Hosting a Corporate Podcast

Developing a Podcast Narrative

Deciding on Podcast Subjects

Defining Your Podcast Audience Avatar

The 4 Designs of a Business Podcast

Who Listens to Business Podcasts?

Overview of the Podcast Market

Introduction to Podcasting for Brands

Podcasting for Brands (Free Guide)

How to create thought leadership, brand authority and campaign awareness for your brand with podcasts.

  • what is the business case for podcasts?
  • who should host a branded podcast?
  • what do we talk about?
  • how do we measure success?
  • how long does it take to get results from our branded podcast?
  • what is a good audience number for a branded podcast?
  • what about social media and video?
  • is podcasting right for my brand?

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