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From Tony Fernandes CEO AirAsia

From Sahar Hashemi OBE
“Thank you Graham, you are the best podcast host ever!”

– Sahar Heshami O.B.E, Founder Coffee Republic. Hashemi was named in Management Today as “Top 35 Women in British business under 35” and Independent on Sunday as “20 most powerful women in Britain”

Podcast Maps

Podcast SEO, the Art and Science of Podcast Promotion. Invest 80% of your time working ON your podcast and only 20% working IN it. Podcast Maps helps you navigate through the increasingly competitive world of podcasting. There are 500 million people listening to Podcasts every week. The competition is getting fierce. Questions answered:
~ How often should I publish my podcast?
~ How does the Spotify and Apple podcast algorithm work?
~ How does Business Wars get 5 million downloads?
~ How to work with a Podcast Agency
~ Which Podcast Category should you be in?

Graham talks to Tony Fernandes

CEO Founder AirAsia

Get the Backstory on this podcast: Tony Fernandes Podcast

The XL Podcast

Conversations with Authentic Leaders. By creating conversations not interviews, XL highlights Leaders in their own words, without PR spin. Guests include Tony Fernandes (CEO AirAsia), Howard Yu (Author & Professor of IMD), Rod Drury (CEO Founder Xero), Hal Bosher (CEO Yoma Bank), Jiawen Ngeow ($25m exits), Sahar Hashemi (Founder of Costa Coffee and named in The Independent on Sunday as one of The “20 most powerful women in Britain”), Lewis Pugh (“The Human Polar Bear”, UN Patron of The Oceans and World Record Swimmer)
Episodes: 20

Be More Human

As we enter the 4th Industrial Revolution, how can we compete with Artificial Intelligence - a technology that promises exponential yield gains in efficiency? The answer is to do what machines cannot - be more human. Be More Human is a rally call for business leaders to use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning not to replace humanity, but to augment it through leadership, storytelling, and podcasts. This podcast is an exploration of how we can automate the Work to elevate the flow.
Episodes: 53

Asia Tech Podcast

Over 500 Episodes Published since 2017. Asia Tech Podcast by Graham D Brown is Voice of the Asian tech Ecosystem. ATP documents the journey of Asia's startup world through its people. Every week we publish a roundup of the key tech trends in Asia. We focus on the latest mega and meta trends that impact Asia from an investment and consumer perspective.
Episodes: 503

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