Storytelling Course – Why do We Humans Tell Stories?

So, why do we tell Stories? Why do Stories fulfil our basic human needs?

Because Storytelling is our “Cultural Cloud”.

Remember “The 3 Little Pigs”? If we want to teach kids the value of hard work and saving, much easier to do it through story.

It’s not just 3 Little Pigs. Think of “The Lean Startup”, Das Kapital, The Highway Code, #metoo or “The Bible” – stories have transferred knowledge to billions of people.

– Think of our brain as humanity’s hardware.
– And Stories as our software.

Compare a human and a Giraffe baby. As soon as its born, a Giraffe can stand. Human babies are useless in the wild. But there’s a good reason for that. The human brain’s plasticity gives us a unique ability to adapt.It takes millions of iterations and mutations to evolve useful evolutionary advantages at the hardware level.

By transferring our learned adaptations (morals, lessons, how-to’s) into “The Cloud”, humanity has effectively decoupled evolution from the limits of physical hardware. This decoupling has massively accelerated our evolutionary progress.

Stories might seem like Child’s Play, but that veneer betrays their power and importance in human interaction. Stories are a powerful tool in consumer psychology, stories shape our lives and stories lead nations.

Without stories there would be no humanity. We tell stories because we are human. Stories make us human.

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