Talking Point: Audio 2.0

Talking Point: Social Audio

🎧 Podcasts

Overview of the Podcast Market

How Covid is Fuelling Audio 2.0

Think of Audio 2.0 as Social Space

The Audio 2.0 Opportunity

How Covid is Fuelling Audio 2.0

Building an Audio Community

Audio 2.0 and Radio

Audio Trends: Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Spotify etc

What is Podcast SEO?

It's Getting Easier to Produce, Harder to Promote Podcasts

Podcast Maps

Podcast SEO, the Art and Science of Podcast Promotion. Invest 80% of your time working ON your podcast and only 20% working IN it. Podcast Maps helps you navigate through the increasingly competitive world of podcasting. There are 500 million people listening to Podcasts every week. The competition is getting fierce. Questions answered:
~ How often should I publish my podcast?
~ How does the Spotify and Apple podcast algorithm work?
~ How does Business Wars get 5 million downloads?
~ How to work with a Podcast Agency
~ Which Podcast Category should you be in?

📚 Books

The Age of Audio (2021)

Audio 2.0 and the convergence of narrowcasting, big data and digital

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Podcasting for Brands (Free Guide)

How to create thought leadership, brand authority and campaign awareness for your brand with podcasts.

  • what is the business case for podcasts?
  • who should host a branded podcast?
  • what do we talk about?
  • how do we measure success?
  • how long does it take to get results from our branded podcast?
  • what is a good audience number for a branded podcast?
  • what about social media and video?
  • is podcasting right for my brand?

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